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The following Help articles, Web sites, and other online resources can help you learn about working with Microsoft Excel Services and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and how to implement them in a variety of Business Intelligence solutions for your organization.

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Microsoft Office SharePoint Server: Business Intelligence

Implementing Business Intelligence with Office SharePoint Server 2007 provides an infrastructure that makes it easy for decision-makers to access information anytime, anywhere.

Find out about the best ways to employ Excel Services in your organization, learn how to set up Web parts that you can use as a dashboard for KPIs, and more.

Business Intelligence Resources

Microsoft offers a variety of training options to help you get up to speed on Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI). The resources in this article will help people at all levels of your organization get started using the tools that can support better decision making and drive business performance.

Ten Tips for Using SharePoint Server 2007 with Excel Services

Learn ten tips to improve your use of Office SharePoint Server 2007 with Excel Services from the SharePoint - Excel Services forum, at the Office Developer Center on the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN).

Excel Services Development Roadmap

An important aspect of Excel Services is that solution developers can use its power programmatically from their applications.

These solutions, from the Office Developer Center on MSDN, can be either line-of-business (LOB) products or custom enterprise solutions that an organization develops internally.

Share Excel 2007 workbooks as interactive reports

To share your Excel 2007 workbooks as interactive reports, your organization must run Excel Services, a standard component of Office SharePoint Server 2007.

This article explores Excel Services and describe some of the ways you can use reports in SharePoint Server 2007.

Excel Services I: The basics

Learn the basics of publishing an Excel 2007 workbook to a SharePoint Server 2007 site. The Office Online training team shows you how.

Excel Services II: Requirements, recommendations, and permissions

Learn about the requirements for using Excel Services and how to set permissions so that some people can edit workbooks while others can only view them. The Office Online training team shows you how.

Excel Services III: Control what people see

Learn how to control what people can see when you use Excel Services to publish an Excel 2007 workbook to your SharePoint Server 2007 Enterprise site. The Office Online training team shows you how.

Excel Services IV: Allow user input

Learn how to allow users to enter data for selected cells in a worksheet that has been published to Excel Services. The Office Online training team shows you how.

Plan external data connections for Excel Services

To configure SharePoint Server 2007 to enable workbooks loaded on Excel Services to successfully refresh external data, you need to understand the relationships and dependencies between SharePoint Server 2007 and Excel Services. This article, at the SharePoint Server TechCenter on TechNet, gives you the background information you need and provides step-by step configuration instructions.

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The Business Intelligence community


Description is "The Resource for Business Intelligence."

Here, you will find links to articles, research information, white papers, and the latest news in the arena of Business Intelligence.

Business Intelligence Network

The Business Intelligence Network™ focuses on business intelligence, performance management, data warehousing, data integration and data quality, serving these communities with unparalleled industry coverage and resources.

Read about the latest news in the BI world, drill down to information about your specific industry, view podcasts, blogs, and more.

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Excel product team blogs



Microsoft Excel Blog: Excel Services - Architecture

Principal Group Program Manager David Gainer explains Excel Services architecture at a high level and touches on configuration possibilities.

Microsoft Excel Blog: Excel Services Books

Learn about two books available from WROX™:

  • Beginning Excel Services —Gets you started with Excel Services

  • Programming Excel Services —Helps you develop your own customized Excel Services solutions

Microsoft Excel Blog: Replacing OWC reporting with Excel Services

Program Manager John Campbell explains why you'll want to migrate from Office Web Components to Excel Services and how to plan for this.

Microsoft Excel Blog: Combining the EWA and API using AJAX

Program Manager Dan Parish walks you through enabling cell editing in Excel Services by implementing some JavaScript.

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