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Are you interested in discovering ways to use Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 to create compelling, useful Web sites? Do you want to get a better understanding of the collaborative possibilities provided by Office SharePoint Server? Do you want to learn about ways that you can customize your Office SharePoint Server 2007 environment? This article lists Help articles, Web sites, and other resources that can help.

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Resources for everyone

You can always learn about Office SharePoint Server 2007 by using your browser to explore your Office SharePoint Server site collection. However, there is a vast array of features to explore, and you may want a little help getting started. The resources listed in this section are a good place to start.

The following table lists general resources for getting help with Office SharePoint Server 2007 or learning more on your own.



Office SharePoint Server Help

A complete Help system that includes conceptual and reference information, as well as step-by-step procedures.

Open Office SharePoint Server Help

  • Click the Help button Help button image near the top of a Web page that is in your Office SharePoint Server site collection.

    Note: If you don't see the Help button Help button image , look for a link labeled Help in the same place on the Web page.

Office SharePoint Server templates

Office SharePoint Server includes templates that you can use as a starting point for creating libraries, lists, and Web sites. Read the following articles for more information about these templates.

SharePoint Products and Technologies Community

The community center for SharePoint Products and Technologies where you can find blogs, webcasts, events, and discussions, and share best practices and tips with your peers through newsgroups.

Office SharePoint Server training on Office Online

A series of short, self-paced training courses available on Microsoft Office Online.

Resources for advanced users

If you are already familiar with Office SharePoint Server and want to learn about resources for more advanced users, look in this section, where you can find links to resources for developers and other technical users.

Microsoft offers many advanced resources for Office SharePoint Server 2007 developers and other technical users, as well as developer resources for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, the technology that Office SharePoint Server 2007 is based on. The following table lists some of these advanced resources.



Office SharePoint Server 2007 Developer Map

Downloadable poster that shows the architecture of Office SharePoint Server 2007.

2007 Microsoft Office system Learning Portal

Training, e-learning, books, and skills assessments for 2007 Microsoft Office system products, including Office SharePoint Server 2007.

Office SharePoint Server TechCenter on TechNet

Technical articles, highlights, communities, and blogs about Office SharePoint Server.

Windows SharePoint Services TechCenter on TechNet

Technical articles, highlights, communities, and blogs about Windows SharePoint Services 3.0

More resources on MSDN

Office SharePoint Server 2007 enables you to take advantage of a wide variety of development platforms and tools. The following table lists MSDN Web sites that contain comprehensive information about development platforms and tools related to Office SharePoint Server.

Web site


Microsoft Office Developer Center

Information about using Microsoft Office programs as a development platform.

Microsoft XML Developer Center

Information about using and developing applications with XML.

Microsoft Web Services Developer Center

Information about developing and using XML Web services.

Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

Information about using Visual Studio .NET.

Microsoft .NET Framework

Information about using the .NET Framework.

Microsoft SQL Server

Information about deploying and using SQL Server.

Microsoft BizTalk Server

Information about deploying and using BizTalk Server.

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