Resolve synchronization conflicts for shared notebooks

Interrupted connections to shared notebook locations and network conditions can make it necessary for the notebook owner or other users to manually resolve any synchronization conflicts.

Version conflict messages typically appear if you and another user attempt to change the same paragraph of notes at the same time, or if you make changes while another user's changes are being synchronized. You may also receive an error message if you and another user changed the same paragraph while you were both offline.

In such cases, an error message appears on the yellow Information bar. You will also see an icon on a page that has the conflict.

To resolve a shared notebook conflict in Microsoft Office OneNote 2007, do the following:

  1. Click the yellow Information bar at the top of your page to view a page that lists the conflicting changes (highlighted in red).

  2. Incorporate the changes into the main page, if necessary.

  3. When you finish incorporating any changes, delete the Conflicts page by right-clicking its page tab and then clicking Delete on the shortcut menu.

Note: It is not necessary to resolve conflicts immediately. Pages that caused specific conflicts will continue to be synchronized whenever you or other users make additional changes to the shared notebook. The pages that list the conflicts remain in the notebook section until you decide what action to take about the conflicts. Conflicts pages for a particular shared notebook are visible on each user's computer, so anyone who is using the shared notebook in question can resolve the conflict.

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