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If you're an admin and you've forgotten your Office 365 password, you can reset your own password by selecting Forgot your password? on the Office 365 sign-in page or going to the self-service password reset tool.

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Important: This article applies to Office 365 Enterprise, Office 365 Business Essentials, and Office 365 Business Premium.

Video: Reset your admin password

Check out this short video that shows you how to reset your admin password. You can also follow the steps below the video.

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Video on how to reset your admin password

Reset your admin password

  1. From the Office 365 sign-in page, choose Forgot your password?.

    Can't access your account?

    Note: If you don't see this link, go to the self-service password reset tool to try to reset your password.

  2. On the User verification page, type your work or school account name, enter the characters to verify that you're not a robot, and then select Next.

  3. Select the contact method to use for verification.

    Screen shot that shows the contact method options to use for verification: email, text, or call my mobile phone.
  4. Complete the steps for the contact method you selected, as shown in the following table.

    Contact method


    Email my alternate email

    1. Select Email.

    2. Keep the Office 365 browser window open while you go to your alternate email to get the verification code.

    3. Go back to the Office 365 browser window, enter the code you received in email, and select Next.

    Text my mobile phone

    1. Enter the mobile phone number you've provided for your account, and select Text.

    2. Enter the verification code you received from the text message, and select Next.

    Call my mobile phone

    1. Enter the mobile phone number you've provided for your account, and select Call.

    2. Answer the call, and follow the instructions given.

    3. Go back to the Office 365 browser window.

    Important: You need to respond within 60 minutes to the email and to the text message. Complete the reset process by using the same computer and browser session. If you close your browser window or take longer than 60 minutes to respond, you'll have to restart the process.

  5. If you have a custom domain like, select a second contact method for verification, and then follow the steps for that contact method from step 4.

  6. Enter a new password, confirm it, and then select Finish.

  7. When you receive confirmation that your password has been reset, select the link on the confirmation page, and then sign in to Office 365 with your new password.

    Screen shot that shows the link to sign in with your new password.

What if I forgot my work or school account name?

If you're not an Office 365 admin, ask your workplace technical support to give your work or school account name to you. This is typically the person with admin permissions who set up your Office 365 account for you.

If you're an admin, ask another admin to get your account name for you. If you're the only admin at your company, contact Support.

More about resetting passwords

What types of admins can reset passwords?

  • For Office 365 Small Business, all admins can reset passwords for users and other admins.

  • For Office 365 Enterprise and Office 365 Midsize Business global admins, user management admins, and password admins can reset passwords for users and other admins; however:

    • Password admins can reset passwords only for users and other password admins.

    • User management admins cannot reset passwords for billing, global, and service admins.

Is there additional information that we need to tell the user when we reset their password?

Yes, when the user’s password changes in Office 365, be sure that they also update their password on their mobile device and desktop email programs to match the new password.

Can I set the password expiration policy so my users’ passwords don’t expire so soon?

Yes, you can change your organization’s password expiration policy. Check out the following topics for more information:

Still need help?

Get help from the Office 365 community forums Admins: Sign in and create a service request Admins: Call Support

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