Reset Microsoft OneNote between users on a shared iPad

If you use Microsoft OneNote on an iPad that is shared among multiple users, you can quickly reset OneNote before logging in with your own account. In addition, if you frequently work with large notebooks, you can speed up the initial notebook sync by configuring OneNote’s to prevent automatic syncing of notebook attachments.

Note: This documentation applies to Microsoft OneNote for iPad. It is recommended that you keep your device updated with the newest version of Apple iOS. For more information, see Update the iOS software on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Do the following:

  1. If OneNote is currently running on the shared iPad, force the app to close by double-tapping the Home button on the iPad, and then swiping up on the OneNote app preview.

    (For more information, see Force an app to close in iOS.)

  2. On your iPad, tap the Settings app.

  3. In the pane on the left, swipe down to the alphabetical list of installed apps and then tap the OneNote icon.

  4. In the OneNote options on the right, under the Reset heading, tap Reset OneNote.

  5. In the Reset OneNote options on the right, tap to enable the Delete All Notebooks option, and then also tap to enable the Delete Login Credentials option.

  6. Tap the OneNote button near the top center of the screen to return to the main app settings page.

  7. Under the Sync heading, turn off the Auto Sync Attachments option.

  8. Restart OneNote, and then tap Sign In to log in with your own account credentials.

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