Repeat column titles on each page of a printout


It is easier to read a list that spans many pages when the column titles are included on each page.


  1. On the Layout tab, under Print, click Repeat Titles.

    Layout tab, Print group

  2. Click the Rows to repeat at top box.

    Click Rows to repeat at top box

  3. Without closing the Page Setup dialog box, click the row number of the row that you want to repeat, and then click OK.

    Click row number, then click OK

    Tip: Don't close the Page Setup dialog box until after you select the row. Drag the dialog box out of the way if it covers the row number that you want to click.

  4. Click Print.

    Click Print button


  • To repeat more than one row on each page of a printout, drag across the row numbers.

  • You can repeat columns on the left side of each printed page by using the Columns to repeat at left box.

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