Reorganize subprojects in the master project

If you have inserted a subproject into a master project and want to rearrange the task list, you can move the inserted project up or down the task list.

  1. On the View menu, click Gantt Chart.

  2. In the ID field, click the ID number of the summary task that represents the inserted project you want to move.

  3. Click Cut Task  Button image to remove the inserted project.

    Note: By cutting and pasting the task, you change the task's unique ID (different from the task ID located in the far left column of the Entry table) when it is pasted back into the task list in a different location. To move the task without changing the unique ID, you can drag the task to the new position in the task list. To drag the task, place the pointer over the Task ID in the ID field. When it changes into a four-way arrow, drag the task to its new location. The information is only removed from the project plan, not deleted, until you paste it back in.

  4. In the ID field, click the ID number of the task below where you want the project to appear in the task list.

    Note: If you insert or paste a project below another inserted project that has only the project summary task displayed, the project you are inserting or pasting is added at the same level as the inserted project above it. If, however, you insert or paste below an inserted project that has all of its tasks displayed, then the project you are inserting or pasting becomes a subproject of the inserted project above it.

  5. Click Paste  Button image to paste the project above the selected row.

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