Rename a worksheet

  1. On the Sheet tab bar, right-click the sheet tab you want to rename, and click Rename.

    Sheet tabs with Sheet2 selected

  2. On the sheet tab, select the current name, and type the new name.

Use keyboard shortcuts to rename a worksheet

  1. To select the text in the first sheet tab, press Alt+H, O, R. (Home > Cells > Rename). This tab has default name Sheet1.

  2. To change this name, type the name you want.

  3. To insert another worksheet, press Alt+H, I, S. (Home > Insert > Insert Sheet).

Include sheet names when you print your worksheet

  1. Click Insert > Header & Footer.

  2. Pick the header or footer location where you want the sheet name to appear.

  3. In the Header & Footer elements group, click Sheet Name Button image .

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