Remove personal or hidden information

Before you give others a copy of a document, you may want to remove some information from the document and from the document file properties.

Note: Unless you send your document to Microsoft, Microsoft does not have access to any information from your document.

Personal information can be easily removed from the following feature areas in Microsoft Office Visio:

  • Comments inserted on the pages of your document

  • File properties (Author, Manager, and Company)

  • Reviewer names, initials, and markup

  • Stencil file paths

  • Template file path and name

  • On the File menu, click Remove Hidden Information.

    If you're using Visio Premium 2010, you'll find this under File > Info > Remove Personal Information.

  • Click the Personal Information tab.

  • Select the Remove these items from the document check box.

    Tip: Select the Warn me if I try to reinsert this information check box if you want to see a warning whenever you try to reinsert personal information.

  • To remove potentially sensitive data from external data sources, select the Remove data from external sources stored in the document check box.

    Note: Selecting this check box does not remove data that has been linked to a shape. It removes the data source from the diagram, but if any data from the data source is in the diagram, you need to remove it manually.

Note: If a document is available to other people on a shared server, whenever someone opens the document, information is displayed about the name of the user who has the file open and the name of the computer on which the file is stored. To help protect this information, make sure that any shared documents can be accessed only by trusted users.

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