Remove or undo a sort on a column

In Excel Online, you can use the Undo command on the Home tab to undo any sorting you've applied to a list or a table. This example shows data in a list that was originally arranged by city in ascending order and then was sorted on population in descending order. The undo action restored the original order (city).

Undoing a sort on a range

In a table, columns have filter arrows, so you can use them to sort in addition to filtering. In the example below, notice the down arrow next to the filter for the Population column that shows it's sorted in descending order. After sorting on the City column, notice the up arrow next to the filter for City.

Just like with a range, you can undo sorting on a table by using the Undo command on the Home tab. This example shows both the result of an undo action that restores the original order, and using the filter to sort on the city.

Undoing a sort on a table

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