Remove borders from a table

When you add a table to a document, it’s automatically given a plain black border around the entire table and every cell within it. Even if you’ve added other borders to this table, you can remove all or some of the borders.

Remove all the borders from a table

  1. Select the table by placing your cursor on the table until the table move handle appears in the upper left corner.

    Four-headed arrow handle

  2. Click Table Tools > Design > Borders:

    Table Tools Border button

  3. Click No Border:

    Remove border from text

Remove certain borders from a table or from certain cells

  1. Select the cells whose borders you want to remove by dragging your mouse across them.

  2. Click Table Tools > Design > Borders and make your selection.

    Table border location

Remove a specific border (or more than one) from your table

  1. Click inside your table.

  2. Click Table Tools > Design > Line Style > No Border. Your cursor becomes a paintbrush that you can drag along each border you want to erase.

    Border line style

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