Remove an item from the To-Do Bar

When you complete a task or no longer need to follow up on a flagged item, such as an e-mail message, you can remove the item from your To-Do Bar task list in the following ways:

  • Mark the item complete     This removes the item from your To-Do Bar task list but leaves a record of the item in your Daily Task List. A check mark remains to indicate that you took action on the item.

  • Clear the flag on an item     This removes the flag and removes any previous time constraints associated with the item. The item is no longer displayed on the To-Do Bar task list and the Daily Task List, but the item remains in its original location. Clearing the flag removes all history of the item having ever been a to-do item.


    • You cannot clear the flag on a task. Tasks can only be marked complete or deleted.

    • If you select multiple items and want to clear their flags, use the shortcut menu option Clear Flag/Delete Task, which clears the flags on selected items, such as messages, and deletes selected tasks.

  • Delete the item     This removes the item from Microsoft Outlook. For example, if you delete an e-mail from your To-Do Bar, it is also deleted from your Outlook mailbox.

Important: The first two options leave you with a record of the item, while the third option (deleting the item) completely removes the item from Outlook.

To remove an item from the To-Do Bar

  1. On the To-Do Bar, right-click the item.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • To mark an item complete, point to Follow Up on the shortcut menu, and then click Mark Complete.

    • To clear the flag, point to Follow Up on the shortcut menu, and then click Clear Flag.

    • To delete the item, click Delete on the shortcut menu. (You don't use the Follow Up menu delete an item.)

      Tip: If you have the Flag Status column displayed, you can right-click the flag next to an item to open the Follow Up shortcut menu. If you don’t see flags next to your items, see the following section for more on adding a column to the task list. Or you can also just left click on the Flag Status column to mark the item complete.

Does your To-Do Bar task list look or act differently?

If you don’t see some of these To-Do Bar task list options displayed or get different behavior when making choices, your To-Do Bar might have been changed from the default settings. If so, you can reset the To-Do Bar to its default settings.

Reset the To-Do Bar to the default settings

  1. Click the column heading of the To-Do list, and then click Custom.

  2. In the Customize View: To-Do Task List dialog box, click Reset Current View.

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