Remove a watermark in Word 2016 for Mac

If your document has a watermark and you want to remove it from every page, you can.

  1. Click Design > Watermark.

    The Watermark option is highlighted on the Design tab.

  2. In the Insert Watermark box, select No watermark.

    No watermark is selected in the Insert Watermark dialog box

If that doesn’t work, the watermark might have been applied to only a specific section of the document.

Remove a watermark from a section

Even though watermarks don't show up in the header area, Word anchors them to headers. So, to remove a watermark that was applied to a section, you'll need to access it from the header area.

  1. Double-click to open the header area of any page the watermark is on.

    Image of document with Draft watermark.

  2. Click the watermark to select it, and press Delete.

More about watermarks

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