Release Notes - Skype for Business for Mac Preview

Skype for Business for Mac Preview Release

This release supports meeting, contact list, and chat functionalities. All additional functionality (for example, PSTN voice calls) will come in future releases.

For the list of known issues and limitations with this build, see Known Issues - Skype for Business for Mac Preview.

July 21, 2016

New Features

  • Screen sharing monitor picker displays actual monitor layout.

  • Unread conversations are now badged in the chats pane.

  • Spell check support during chat.

  • Contacts menu will be enabled and populated when a contact is selected.

  • Chats can be deleted in the chats pane.

Bug Fixes

  • Numerous UI and stability improvements.

  • Fixed an issue where contact management menu options were enabled when Lync 2013 did not support it.

  • Fixed an issue where chats pane was visible when server policy prevented conversation history.

  • Added an input limit to chat (~8000 characters).


  • Provide feedback through the 'Report an Issue' link and menu options.

July 5, 2016

New Features

  • Contact list: users can search, add, and remove contacts.

  • Non-meeting chat: start chat with contacts in the contact list. Chat now has timestamp an presence information.

  • Conversation history.

  • Peer-to-Peer audio and video.

  • Group video calling.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where screen sharing preview was not updated when content or number of screens changed.

  • Removed notification that 'you are about to leave a meeting' from chats.

  • Call controls will no longer be hidden if the mouse cursor is within the conversation view.

  • Fixed a crash when ending a call.

  • Fixed a defect where the camera would turn on while not in a call.

  • Fixed a defect where chat messages would disappear after clicking send.

  • Fixed a defect where switching audio/video device in 1:1 calls wasn't working.

  • Fixed a defect where the app was not respecting the system proxy exclusion settings.

  • Fixed a crash while in a group video call.

  • Fixed a bug where the participant name wouldn’t match the avatar/video in a conference call.

  • Fixed various defects around incoming audio and video calls.

  • Various other minor defect fixes and polish.

May 12, 2016

New Features

  • Present a specific desktop into the meeting.

  • Redesigned UI for the mute button.

  • Double-click a meeting to join from the calendar.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a defect where users couldn't sign in if they had a WPAD or PAC proxy configured.

  • Fixed a defect where the calendar would not update when the day changed.

  • Fixed a defect where setting a custom auto-discovery server wasn't working.

  • Numerous crash and stability fixes.

April 26, 2016

Sign In

  • Sign in via email address and/or user name.

  • Sign in with NTLM, OrgID, and Microsoft Modern Authentication credentials only.

  • Sign out.

Me Area

  • View and update presence status.

  • View, but not edit, your note.


  • View your calendar appointments today and tomorrow.

  • Join online Skype meetings.

  • Create an ad-hoc meeting using the “Meet Now” option in the Meetings menu.

  • Join a meeting using an url option in the Meetings menu.

  • Mute and unmute your microphone.

  • Start and stop video.

  • View video shared by a remote active speaker.

  • Share your screen in the meeting.

  • View notifications when people join or leave the meeting.

  • View in-meeting alerts and notifications.

  • Send and receive chat messages during a meeting.

Meeting Participant List (Roster)

  • View the meeting roster.

  • Invite new participants.

  • View mute status of participants.

  • Mute and unmute remote participants.

  • Accept or decline participants waiting in the lobby.

Audio and Video Preferences

  • Update preferred devices for microphone, speaker, and video capability before a call (not during a call).


  • Provide any bugs through the 'Report an Issue' link and menu options.

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