Recording Meetings

If recording is enabled for the meeting, you can make a recording of the Live Meeting session. Recordings allow you to send copies of session proceedings to other people who did not attend.

A recording includes slides that you show at the meeting, any annotations on those slides, Shared Notes, and any questions and answers posted for all participants to see.

When you set up recording audio, Live Meeting records what is said during the meeting and synchronizes this audio with the recorded visual meeting portion.

Recordings that you make using Office Live Meeting Web Access are saved on the Live Meeting server.

Note: Video and computer audio are not available to Live Meeting Web Access users. This means that during recording playback, Live Meeting Web Access users cannot see the video (webcam or Microsoft RoundTable) or hear computer audio. In meetings that contain video and computer audio, Live Meeting Web Access users can initiate recording as long as another participant in the meeting is using the Windows-based client.

To view the Recording pane

  • In the main command bar, click Recording.

To set up recording audio for meetings that use telephone conferencing

  1. In the Recording pane, next to Audio, click Configure Phone.

  2. In the Recording Audio Setup dialog box, type the dialing keys used to connect to the meeting audio, and then click Connect.

To start recording a meeting

  1. In the Recording pane, under Select media to record, select the check boxes for each type of media that you will use when recording.

  2. Click the Start Recording button.

To pause recording

  • In the Recording pane, click the Pause Recording button.

To resume recording

  • In the Recording pane, click the Resume Recording button.

To stop recording

  1. In the Recording pane, click the Stop Recording button.

  2. In the Stop Recording dialog box, do one of the following:

  3. To save the recording on the Live Meeting server, click Save Recording.

  4. To stop the recording without saving it to the server, click Delete Recording.

  5. To cancel the Stop request and resume recording, click Continue Recording.

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