Record an audio or video clip

Audio and video recordings that you make in Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 are directly linked to any notes you take when the recording is made. This lets you later search your notes for keywords or specific text that is associated with a particular recording.

For example, if you are in a meeting and the speaker is explaining a complex work process, you can record the presentation and then, in your notes, type "work process" to indicate the topic of the recording. Whenever you play back the recording, OneNote shows you the accompanying notes that you took.

To record audio or video clips in OneNote, Microsoft DirectX 9.0a or later and Microsoft Windows Media Player 9 or later are required.

  1. Click the location on the page where you want to place the recording — for example, beside a paragraph or photo that you are commenting on.

  2. On the Standard toolbar, click the arrow next to the Record button, and then click either Record Audio Only or Record Video.

    A time stamp is placed on the page.

  3. Start recording your audio notes or video notes.

  4. To finish the recording, click Stop Button image on the Audio and Video Recording toolbar.


  • If you choose Record Audio Only, OneNote records the sound clip as a .wma file. If you choose Record Video, OneNote combines audio and video in a .wmv file, provided that a microphone is connected to your computer or is available as part of the camera. Once a video recording has been created in OneNote, you cannot separate the audio portion from the video portion in your notes.

  • If OneNote is not running, you can still initiate an audio recording by right-clicking the OneNote icon at the far right of the Windows taskbar, and then clicking Start Recording Audio.

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