Reading a message

What you decide to do with a message you receive depends on its contents. For example, a message may contain file attachments in addition to message text.


Click From to see the sender's contact information.


You see the Attachments pane in the Read Message window only if the message contains one or more file attachments.

To open file attachments, do one of the following:

  • Double-click a file name to open it in a supporting program. If your operating system cannot identify a program that supports the file, it displays an Open With dialog box that lets you select a program.

  • Select one or more files, and click Open.

To save file or Web address attachments, do one of the following:

  • Select one or more items in the Attachments pane and click Save...

    A directory dialog box opens. Select the disk location where you want to save the attachments and click Save.

  • Click Save All... to open a directory dialog box where you can save all the attachments in the list.


You may sometimes see images or file attachment icons as part of message text instead of in the Attachments: pane. Right-click an image or file attachment to see options.

Tip: If an image is wider than the message window (even when maximized), try copying it into another program. Right-click the image to see options.

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