Quick start: Create a workbook

When you create a new workbook, you can use a blank workbook template, or you can base your workbook on an existing template that already provides some data, layout, and formatting that you want to use.

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Click New.

This will open the Microsoft Office Backstage view, which temporarily hides the worksheet.

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Click New.

File menu

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Under Available Templates, click the workbook template that you want to use.

Avaliable Templates options


  1. For a new, blank workbook, double-click Blank Workbook.

  2. For a workbook that is based on an existing workbook, click New from existing, browse to the location of the workbook you want to use, and then click Create New.

  3. For a workbook that is based on a template, click Sample templates or My templates, and then select the template that you want.

Next steps

For detailed instructions on how to create a new workbook, see Create a new workbook.

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