Promote a child node to the top node in a PivotDiagram

To show only part of an expanded PivotDiagram, you can promote a child node to the top node. The promotion process applies filters that hide the data above the promoted node.

For example, let's say your PivotDiagram shows the sales data broken down by financial quarter, with your fourth-quarter data broken down by salesperson, but you need to focus on the wide difference between the sales made by two different salespeople. You can promote the node for the fourth quarter so all the nodes above it are hidden.

Promote a node to top node

  • In your drawing, click the node that you want to promote and, on the PivotDiagram menu, click Promote.

The filters that were applied to promote the child node appear in the data legend. Only the promoted node and its children are now visible in the PivotDiagram.

Revert to original top node

You can revert to the original top node by removing the filters that were applied.

  1. In the PivotDiagram window, under Add Category, right-click the category that you want to remove the filters from, and then click Configure Column.

    How do I know which category to right-click?

    Right-click the categories that have filters applied to them. These categories are listed in the data legend shape in your drawing. If you don't see the data legend shape, click Options on the PivotDiagram menu. In the PivotDiagram Options dialog box, select the Show data legend and Show applied filters check boxes.

  2. In the Configure Column dialog box, under Filter, under Show data where category name, click the first column in each row, and then click (Select Operation).

For more information about PivotDiagrams, see Create a PivotDiagram.

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