Project Center is not available in Outlook

Project Center was a feature that was available in Entourage but is not available in Outlook for Mac. However, Outlook has multiple features that you can use to organize projects.

Important   If you used the Project Center in Entourage and then import your Entourage information into Outlook, Project Center associations are converted to categories. For example, if you added items to a project that was titled "Research Paper" in Entourage, these items are assigned a category that is called "Research Paper" in Outlook.

Outlook for Mac contains the following features to help you organize projects:

  • Categories    You can assign messages, contacts, or any other Outlook items to one category or multiple categories at one time.

  • Rules    You can set up rules that automatically assign a specific category to certain messages. For example, rules can be set up to categorize messages from certain contacts, or categorize messages that contain certain words in the subject.

  • Follow-up flags and due dates     You can flag contacts and messages for follow up, and add start dates, due dates, and reminders.

  • Smart Folders    You can create a virtual folder that contains any items that meet your search criteria, such as all the items from a category.

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Applies To: Outlook for Mac 2011

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