Project 2007 for the college-bound student

You wouldn't think Microsoft Office Project 2007 is the kind of program that a college student would be much interested in, but you might be surprised. Projects of all kinds rule our lives much earlier than we like to think. Whenever you have a complicated series of activities that leave you wondering who's on first, what's on second, and how come someone didn't arrive on time, then you're beginning to think like a project manager.

If you think you might want to explore a university degree in project management, then you definitely will want to take a peek into what it is all about. You might find, too, that particularly difficult school projects, especially within business administration and computer sciences, become easier to manage with a project management program.

Get to know Project 2007

Quality User Goal

The Project Map

If you ever wanted to know what sophisticated project planning is all about, take a trip through the Project Map. You may find the journey a little less daunting than you thought.

Residential construction project plan

Here's an example of how Project 2007 can be used in a home project. OK, a very big home project.

Wedding planner

Yes, Project 2007 can handle weddings, too. You need to look elsewhere for a good caterer, however.

Quick reference guide

And whenever you feel a little lost, you can hang this downloadable guide on your wall.

Are you a social networker? If so, visit the Project Management group on for answers to your questions about project management and Project 2007.

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