Print handouts

Follow the steps in this topic to use the default handout layout options that come with PowerPoint. If you want to further customize the look of your handouts, you can send the content of your presentation to Microsoft Office Word to do additional formatting: On the File menu, click Send To and then click Send to Microsoft Office Word.

  1. Open the presentation that you want to print.

  2. On the File menu, click Print Preview.

  3. To choose the page orientation, click Portrait Button image or Landscape Button image on the toolbar.

  4. To set headers and footers, click the arrow on the Options button, and then click Header and Footer Button image .

  5. On the Print Preview toolbar, in the Print What box, click the Handout layout option you want.

  6. On the Print Preview toolbar, click Print Button image .

Note: If you want to print handouts in color, on the File menu, click Print Preview. Then on the View menu, point to Color/Grayscale, and then click Color. You must select a color printer as your default printer to do this.

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