Print email messages and other items in Outlook

Print email messages and other items in Outlook

Printing can be so much more than a click and print action. But it also can be that simple. Whether you're printing an email message, a calendar, a contact list, or a task, you can use one of three paths as your starting point in Outlook.

Print an item

  1. Choose a mail, calendar, people, or calendar item to print.

  2. Choose File > Print or press Ctrl+P or choose Print Outlook print icon on quick access toolbar on the quick access toolbar.


    • The Backstage view opens showing a preview of the item you've chosen to print. This view gives you access to printer options and print settings.

    • Print preview of Outlook email message

  3. (Optional) In the Print dialog box, change options as needed.

    Outlook Print dialog box printer options

    • Printer pane
      Name a printer, print to a file, or through Properties, set layout orientation and change paper/output.

    • Print style pane
      For Page Setup, pick different fonts, drill down into specific paper and format properties, or add a header or a footer. For Define Styles, accept the default options shown or edit a specific style.

      Tip: You can view images of the standard print styles available for Mail, Calendar, People, and Tasks in the next section.

    • Page range pane
      Print all pages for the chosen item or specify the pages to be printed

    • Print options pane
      Print any attachments.

    • Copies pane
      Set the number of pages and the number of copies to print, and indicate if the copies are to be collated.

  4. Choose Print.

Note:  For troubleshooting help with your printer, refer to the printer’s owner manual or go to the printer manufacturer’s website.


Across all Outlook apps, the structure and format of the print options is consistent. What differs is print style options. You can experiment to find which style you prefer in each category.



Mail print settings

Calendar print settings



People print settings

Tasks print settings

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