Print a document in Word Online

Printing from Word Online may seem a little confusing. That’s because it first creates a PDF to preserve the layout and formatting, and then you print the PDF.

Note:  If you’re using Internet Explorer on Windows 7 or an earlier operating system, you’ll need to download and install the free Adobe Reader app before you can print your document.

  1. From the File tab in Word Online, click Print. Even though the only option is Print to PDF, the PDF is really only an intermediate stage that formats the document for your printer.

    Print command in Word Web App

  2. Word Online generates a PDF copy of your document.

    Word Online print dialog

  3. Click Click here to view the PDF of your document to open the PDF preview of your document.

    Tip:  If your default PDF viewer is Word, cancel the Word Online print job, open the document in Word (Edit Document > Edit in Word) and print it from Word (File > Print).

  4. Print your document:

    • On Windows 7, choose a printer and change or keep any other settings you want, and then click Print.

    • On Windows 8, in the Reader app, swipe up from the bottom of the screen (or right-click anywhere) and select Print. On the Print page, choose a printer, choose the settings you want, and then click Print.

      Windows 8 reader print button

Print multiple copies

If you want multiple copies of a printout, change the number of copies in the Print page:

  • On Windows 7 or earlier, at the top of the Print page is a box labeled Copies with up and down arrows for you to choose how many copies of the document you want. Make your choice (either by entering a number or using the arrows), and then click Print.

    Word Online printer dialog

  • On Windows 8, choose how many copies to print (either by entering a number or using the + and buttons, and then click Print.

    Windows 8 Reader printer options

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