Preview a PerformancePoint dashboard by using Dashboard Designer

You can use PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer to create, edit, and deploy dashboards in your organization. First, you create and publish dashboard elements, such as scorecards, reports, and filters. Then, you set up the dashboard pages and add the elements that you want to display. Next, you preview and test the dashboards to see how they will appear to dashboard consumers. To preview a dashboard page, you deploy it to a designated SharePoint preview site.

  1. In Dashboard Designer, click the Home tab, and then click Refresh to update the list of elements that have been published to PerformancePoint Monitoring Server.

  2. In the Workspace Browser, click Dashboards. The center pane of the workspace displays two tabs: Server and Workspace.

    Click Dashboards in the Workspace Browser. Next, click the Home tab, and then click Refresh.

    The Server tab lists all dashboards that you and other dashboard authors have published to Monitoring Server.

    The Workspace tab lists all dashboards that you have created or published to Monitoring Server.

  3. Click the Workspace tab to view the list of dashboards that are available in your workspace. If the dashboard that you want to edit is not listed, click the Server tab, and then double-click the dashboard to open it in your workspace.

  4. In the Microsoft Office Fluent Ribbon, click the Edit tab, then click Preview. The Deploy Dashboard to a Preview Site wizard opens.

    Use the Preview toolbar command to preview your dashboard.

  5. In the Select a Dashboard page, click a dashboard and then click Next.

  6. In the Specify a Location page, type the address (URL) for the Web site where you want to preview the dashboard in the Preview site location box. You must have the permissions that are necessary to the site before you deploy the dashboard. This is because whenever you preview a dashboard, you create a new Web site folder and files on the Web server where you are deploying the dashboard.

  7. Click Finish to upload the dashboard to its preview location and display the dashboard in a separate browser. There, you can test the various dashboard elements.

  8. Depending on whether you want to make changes to your dashboard, you can either modify dashboard elements or deploy your dashboard to a SharePoint site.

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