Prevent task updating

You can lock project tasks in order to prevent people from submitting task updates.

Note: Changes to task updating will not take effect until the next time that the project is published.

Note: You must have administrator permissions in order to prevent task updating.

  1. On the Quick Launch, click Server Settings.

  2. On the Server Settings page, click Close Tasks to Update.

  3. On the Close Tasks to Update page, in the Select a project list, click the project that contains that task you want to close for updating.

  4. In the Select Tasks section, select the check box for each task that you want to close to updating in the Lock column.

  5. Do one of the following:

    • To publish your project and apply the changes you've made to closed task, click Publish.

    • To save your changes without publishing the project, click Submit. You must publish your project later in order to apply the changes you've make to task updating.

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