Present a workbook online

If you have Lync installed and you have signed in, you can present a workbook in an online conversation or meeting, work with other people on it in real time, and even let someone else take control of it.

  1. In Excel, close any open workbooks you don’t want to share.

  2. Click File > Share.

  3. Under Share, click Present Online.

Present Online

  1. Under Present Online, click Present.

Present Online button

If Lync isn’t running, you can sign in to continue.

  1. In the Share Workbook Window box, pick a scheduled meeting or click Start a new Lync meeting, and then click OK.

  2. In Lync, do one of the following:

    • Begin your scheduled meeting.

    • Begin a new meeting by inviting your attendees. Click the Participants button, click Invite More People, select or type the names of your attendees.

To stop sharing, click Stop Sharing at the top of the screen.

Stop Presenting

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