Power View and Power Pivot videos

Here’s a collection of videos about Power View and Power Pivot in Microsoft Excel 2013.

Get started with Power View

More about creating Power View sheets in Excel 2013.

Create visualizations

Bubble and scatter charts   

More about bubble and scatter charts.

Pie charts   

More about pie charts.


More about multiples.


More about cards.


More about tiles.


More about matrices.


Create maps   

More about maps.

Fix ambiguous map data   

More about maps.

Explore data


More about filters and highlighting.


More about highlighting.


More about slicers.


More about sorting.

Refresh data and the data model

More about refreshing the data or data model.


Drill down in an ad-hoc hierarchy

More about drill-down.

Drill down with a hierarchy in the model   

More about drill-down.

Work with hierarchies   

More about hierarchies.

Power Pivot

Set default fields   

More about setting default fields for Power View reports

Hide columns and tables   

More about hiding tables, columns, and fields from PivotTables and Power View.

Add descriptions to columns and tables   

More about adding descriptions to Power Pivot tables, columns, and fields.


More about relationships in Power View.

Summarize by   

More about setting default aggregations.

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