Port order account information

When you are using the New Local Number Port Order wizard > Account information page to submit a port order, you will need almost all of the same information that you would have provided in the LOA including:

  • Account number for the service provider or carrier.

  • Billing Telephone Number (BTN)

  • PIN - if needed by your current service provider or carrier.

  • Company name

    Note: This will only accept 25 characters that includes spaces. If the company’s name is longer than 25 characters, the first 25 characters of the name will be submitted and the port order will still be processed.

  • Authorized user’s name.

    Note: This will only accept 15 characters, including spaces. If the authorized person's name is longer than 15 characters, the first 15 characters of the name will be submitted and the port order will still be processed.

  • Service address

  • City, State and Zip code of the billing address

    Note: You won't need the authorizing person's signature.

To make submitting the port order easy and avoid errors, make sure you do the following:

  • Remove any features (i.e. Hunt Groups) associated with your numbers. Make sure there are no advanced call control features, for example, Call Hunt, Distinctive Ring that are enabled on these telephone numbers.

  • Ensure that you haven't placed any new service orders or disconnects with your current service provider.

  • Make sure all numbers are from the same carrier and the same account.

  • Make sure the account information you give matches exactly what your phone carrier has on record. Miss matched information is the most common cause of errors and can delay your port order.


  • Don't disconnect your services with your service provider or carrier.

  • You must keep your previous service active in order to port your phone numbers to Skype for Business Online. 

  • Don't freeze your account with your service provider or carrier. Freezing the account prevents the change of carriers on the account. The authorized user will need to submit an order to the current carrier to remove the freeze. This process can take 1-3 weeks depending on the carrier.

For complete step-by-step instructions, see Transfer phone numbers to Skype for Business Online.

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