Pool Front End Properties: PSTN Conferencing

Use the PSTN Conferencing tab to configure personal identification number (PIN) settings for users of dial-in conferencing.

PIN security settings

Specify the security settings to apply to PINs created by dial-in conferencing users in this pool.

Min. personal PIN length (3-24)

The number of digits that a user in this pool must specify when setting a PIN on the Dial-in Conferencing Web page. The default is 5.

Total number of retries

The total number of times that a user in this pool can attempt to join a dial-in conference using an invalid PIN.

Note:  The recorded number of retries is recalculated when a user joins a dial-in conference using a valid PIN. When the number of retries has been exceeded, the user can no longer attempt to join a dial-in conference as an authenticated user.

Enable PIN expiration

To require users in this pool to periodically create a new PIN, select this check box.

PIN expires after

The number of days a PIN is valid.

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Users manage their PINs and reservationless conference information, including conference ID and pass code for external callers, by using the Dial-in Conferencing Web page. The Dial-in Conferencing Web page also displays dial-in conferencing access phone numbers. You must deploy the 2007 R2 release of Office Communicator Web Access Server to host the Dial-in Conferencing Web page.

For details, see the dial-in conferencing and Communicator Web Access content on the Office Communications Server Technical Library.

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