Pool Front End Properties: Host Authorization

Use this tab to add or remove authorized hosts and to specify the action to take with connections from the servers in the pool to each authorized host.

An authorized host is a server, client, or gateway that you explicitly designate as trusted. For example, an authorized host might be a server or client that has already performed authentication but does not appear on the trusted server list. Or, an authorized host might be an IP-PSTN gateway or other entity that does not perform authentication but can be trusted anyway.


Specifies the names of the entities trusted by servers in this pool.

Outbound Only

Specifies that a server in this pool can only make outbound connections to the authorized host. This setting is only used in conjunction with a static route.

Throttle As Server

Specifies that connections made to the authorized host are throttled as though the authorized host is a server instead of a client computer. Greater throughput is allowed for server connections than is allowed for client connections.

Treat As Authenticated

Specifies that connections made to the authorized host are treated as though the authorized host is authenticated. Clients that are connected to an authorized host that is treated as authenticated are also considered to have already been authenticated and, therefore, are not challenged by the servers in the pool.


Click to add an authorized host.


Click to change the settings for the selected authorized host.


Click to remove the selected authorized host from the list of authorized hosts.

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When you add an authorized host that is treated as authenticated, we recommend that you mitigate the risks by implementing additional security measures such as a firewall or IPsec around the authorized host.

For details, see the Operations section of the Office Communications Server Technical Library.

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