Picking items from an external content source

When you create a document from a template in a document library that’s connected to an external content source, you might see content controls, or fields, that look like the following:

Content control in a template

In Word 2010 templates that are connected to external data sources, you can use those content controls to confidently insert the accurate, authoritative version of the data directly from the external system, with just a couple of clicks. No manual data entry means fewer errors.

You can populate external data fields by picking items and resolving items. If more than one choice exists for an item, Word identifies that you need to make a choice, and you can pick which item you want to add.

You can choose results from the full data set, or—if you know a few letters or numbers—you can narrow your choices to only those results that contain those letters or numbers.

Pick and resolve items in a Word document

  1. In the document library that is connected to your external data source, click the Documents tab, and then click New Document.

  2. In the document, click the control, and then do one of the following:

    • Click Select External Item(s), and then click the item that you want and click OK.

      Select External Item button

    • Type a few letters or numbers into the control, click Check if External Item exists, and then click the item that you want and click OK.

      Check if External Item exists button

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