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Pick your enterprise social experience: Yammer or Newsfeed?

Office 365 includes two options for enterprise social features: Yammer and the SharePoint Newsfeed. If you pick Yammer to be your social experience, follow the Enterprise Activation process. After activation, a Yammer tile appears on the Office 365 portal page and the app launcher, making it easy for Office 365 users to reach Yammer. Also, if your network is eligible, users can sign-in to Yammer using their Office 365 account.

Screenshot of the Office 365 app launcher with Yammer displayed

Additionally, you can enable Yammer integration features within SharePoint by picking as your social experience in SharePoint. You do this with the Enterprise Social Collaboration setting in the SharePoint admin center in Office 365.

What is Yammer?

Yammer is a private, secure social network for your organization that will allow people to collaborate securely across departments and geographies. It’s designed to inspire company-wide knowledge exchange and to increase team efficiency. Only people with a verified company email address can join your company network. Want to learn more about Yammer? Visit

Activate Yammer for your organization

If you’re interested in activating Yammer for your organization, take a look at your options:

  • If you’re a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement customer, you can activate Yammer Enterprise for free. Microsoft Enterprise Agreement customers with qualifying license purchases, such as Office 365 Enterprise E3 and E4 plans, are eligible to activate Yammer Enterprise for their users. Qualified customers will need to work with a Yammer Service representative to start the activation process and appoint a Verified Administrator and a Community Manager to manage their company's Yammer network.

  • If you’re not a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement customer, your organization can sign up and use a Yammer basic network. Learn more about Yammer plans and pricing to help get you started.

Set the SharePoint social collaboration option

Make Yammer the primary social experience for everyone in your organization by setting the Enterprise Social Collaboration option. This is a pretty big change, so don’t forget to give people a heads up before you make the switch. To understand how this change may impact them, take a look at Start using Yammer.

To set the SharePoint social collaboration option (you must be a global administrator to make this change):

  1. Sign in to Office 365 using your work or school account.

Tip    The Office 365 sign-in page URL is

  1. Choose Admin > SharePoint. You’re now in the SharePoint Online admin center.

A screenshot of the Admin drop-down menu as it appears in the Office 365 Admin Center

  1. Choose Settings.

  2. Under Enterprise Social Collaboration, choose Use service.

SharePoint admin center, Enterprise Social Collaboration options

  1. Click Save.

Change from Newsfeed could affect what's shown in Followed Documents

If you change your enterprise social network from Newsfeed to Yammer you might experience a problem when you try to follow documents that are aggregated in a List View Web Part (what's a List View Web Part?). Even though you click Follow, you don't receive a notification that you're following the document and won't see it in your Followed Documents list. To solve this problem, you'll have to either adjust a List View Web Part setting or follow the document from its primary library.

Enable server rendering on the List View Web Part

  1. Browse to the page containing the List View Web Part. This is the list containing the document(s) you want to follow.

  2. Click Settings Settings: update your profile, install software and connect it to the cloud > Edit page.

  3. At the far right corner of the Web Part, click the drop-down and then click Edit Web Part.

  4. Click Miscellaneous > Server Render > OK.

Follow the document from the library where it's stored

  1. Browse to the library where the document is stored.

  2. Select the document.

  3. On the ribbon, click Follow.

What happens to the Newsfeed?

When your organization switches to Yammer, SharePoint Newsfeed functionality doesn’t go away. People can still access Newsfeed from their Sites page, and they can continue to follow SharePoint sites, documents and tags there. However, they no longer have the option to send a message to everyone.

Screenshot of Newsfeed on Sites page with the Post button greyed out.

Yammer support options and resources

Yammer Enterprise Support  Contact a Microsoft support professional. Your support options include online submission and phone support.

Office 365 + Yammer Enterprise Support Office 365 administrators may sign in to the Microsoft Online Portal with your work or school account to receive support.   If you're a Yammer Administrator and cannot access this link, please contact your Office 365 Verified Administrator.

Yammer Basic Yammer Basic Administrators can visit for troubleshooting information or to submit an online support incident.

Yammer Enterprise Plus Support Yammer Enterprise Plus customers can sign into the Microsoft Premier Online portal for troubleshooting information or to open a support incident with a Microsoft support professional. Sign in using your work or school account. If you don't have an work or school account, you will be prompted to create one.

Yammer Site Status Visit the Yammer site status page for the latest details on the health of the Yammer site.

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