Pay Sales Tax form: options and information

In the Pay Sales Tax form, you can pay the sales taxes that your company has collected for the products and services that it sells. A tax agency is a government department to whom your company pays tax. For example, if your company is located in Seattle, Washington, your company would be required to pay taxes to the Washington State Department of Revenue.

Note: Do not use the Pay Bills form to pay taxes.

To get detailed information and a comprehensive scenario about how the sales tax features works in Microsoft Office Accounting 2009, see About sales tax.

Open the form

  • On the Company menu, point to Sales Tax, and then click Pay Sales Tax.

Form options

Form options and descriptions




(Required.) Displays the current date. Click the arrow next to Date to open the calendar to select another date.

Pay from

(Required.) Click the arrow next to Pay from to select the bank or credit card account from which you want to pay the tax.

Payment method

(Required.) Click the arrow next to Payment method to select how you want to pay the tax.

Bills due on or before

Displays the current date. To restrict the date range of the displayed due taxes, click the arrow next to Bills due on or before to open the calendar.

Tax agency

To display amounts due to just one tax agency, click the arrow next Tax agency to select the tax agency.


(Read-only.) Displays the total amount of the taxes to be paid, based on your selections.

Ending balance

(Read-only.) Displays the balance of the bank account from which you chose to pay the sales tax. Office Accounting 2009 automatically updates the ending balance field when you mark a sales tax to be paid.

Bills to pay

Displays detailed information about the sales tax codes that are due for payment.



Check box

Select the check boxes for the tax agencies you want to pay. To select all the tax agencies, select the check box next to Tax Agency.

Tax Agency

(Read-only.) Displays the name of a tax agency to whom your company owes sales tax.

Tax Code

(Read-only.) Displays the tax code associated with a tax agency.

Tax Due

(Read-only.) Displays the total sales tax that your company owes to a tax agency for each tax code.

Amount to Pay

Accounting 2009 enters the total tax amount due. You can type another amount to pay.

Issue Payment

After you have selected the sales tax codes to pay and the amounts, click Issue Payment on the toolbar to issue the payment now, or click Save and Close to issue the payment later.

Additional actions

Actions menu commands

On the Actions menu, you can select the following commands.



Reset Filters

Reset the filters to their default settings.

Issue Payment

Click to issue a tax agency payment. The following occurs:

Payment method



Payment is recorded.


Print Checks dialog box opens.

Credit Card

Payment is recorded. If you have signed up for credit card processing, the Windows Live ID sign in box opens.

Electronic Payment

Enter User ID and Password dialog box opens so you can connect to online banking.

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