Page Setup dialog box, Page tab

Use the Page tab in the Page Setup dialog box to specify page options before printing the current view or report. You can:

  • Indicate whether the page orientation should be portrait or landscape.

  • Choose the page scale.

  • Select a paper size.

Dialog box location

Display the view or report whose page options you want to set. On the File menu, click Page Setup, and then click the Page tab.


Orientation section

Portrait    Prints the project vertically, so that the short edge of the paper is the top of the page.

Landscape    Prints the project horizontally, so that the long edge of the paper is the top of the page. By default, this option is selected.

Scaling section

Adjust to    Reduces or enlarges the printed project. Click the Adjust to option, and then type a number in the % normal size box to specify that you want to reduce or enlarge the printed image size of your view by the percentage you indicate. Type 100 if you don't want to reduce or enlarge the image size. You can reduce the printed image to 10 percent of normal size or enlarge it to 500 percent of normal size. By default, this option is selected and set to 100% of normal size.

Fit to    Reduces or enlarges the project or selection when you print so that it fits on the specified number of pages. Select the Fit to option and then, in the first box, enter the number of pages wide. In the second box, enter the number of pages tall.

Other section

Paper Size    Specifies the size of the paper to use for printing the project. By default, Letter size paper (8-1/2 x 11 inches) is selected.

First page number    Specifies the first page number for the printed project. Microsoft Office Project begins numbering the pages of the project using the number you type. The default, Auto, begins the numbering at Page 1. Enter the number only; Project inserts the word "Page" into the printed document.

Command buttons

Print Preview    Displays the Print Preview window, which you can use to view the active view or report as it will appear when printed. Click Close to return to the current view.

Options    Opens the Document Properties dialog box, which you can use to select the paper tray, page collation, and other printer-controlled options. These options are specific to your selected printer. For more information, refer to your printer documentation.

Print    Opens the Print dialog box, which you can use to print the active view or report. You can specify the number of copies and which pages to print. If you are in a form view or the Relationship Diagram view, you must select a different view on the View menu before you can print.

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