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It’s daunting: the more you get connected, the more you need to keep track of. You probably have more than one email account, juggle several calendars and schedules, and belong to more than one social network. You spend lots of online time checking your individual email accounts, calendars and social networks—to communicate, adjust schedules, connect and just keep up with what’s going on.

Well, no more—you can manage multiple email accounts and calendars, keep your contacts all in one, and connect to your favorite social network sites—all right in Outlook 2010.

One place for all of your email accounts

You’ve got your primary work email, and that’s Outlook. You’ve got your personal email account, maybe a Hotmail or Gmail account. And you may have other email accounts. It’s cumbersome and time consuming to go to each of your individual email accounts to check for messages—so don’t! Consolidate all of those email accounts into one place: view and manage them right from your Outlook navigation pane.1

Backstage view and the Add Account command.

Here’s how:

Add an e-mail account by using advanced settings

Use a Windows Live Hotmail account in Outlook

Add an email account by using advanced settings

1 Window Live Hotmail accounts require the Outlook Hotmail Connector, available as a free download.

One place for all of your calendars

In the course of a day, you’ve got work meetings, lunch meetings, personal appointments and, if you’re lucky, maybe an occasional holiday. With Outlook 2010, you can set up different calendars for each category so that you don’t have one, big cluttered calendar. And you can overlay the calendars (all at once, or as many as you choose) so that you can see what your schedule looks like, all rolled up. For example, keep a calendar of your child’s school events and overlay it with your business-meeting calendar to help plan your week.

You can view colleagues, friends, and family’s calendars, as well—individually or together. Perhaps you need to schedule a meeting with your team members: in one view, see their individual calendars and find an open time to meet.

Multiple team members’ calendars.

Here’s how:

View calendars side-by-side or overlaid

Create additional calendars

Merge items from multiple calendars

Video: Create and work with multiple calendars

One place for your contacts and social networks

Keep connected with your social networks and keep up with your colleagues, friends and family—the Outlook Social Connector is the ultimate, one-stop shop for getting that well-rounded view of what your people are up to. See your colleague’s picture and get a snapshot of your joint business interactions, as well as the social networks she belongs to and the updates she makes on them—all without leaving Outlook. No need to spend time going out to your individual social networks to check in on friends—do it from the Outlook People Pane. Maybe you and a business acquaintance need to get connected on LinkedIn or Facebook? Add them using the Outlook Social Connector, without ever leaving Outlook.

The Outlook Social Connector’s People Pane.

You can also have all of your important people in one place: maybe you have contacts in Hotmail or Gmail—easily move them into Outlook 2010. And if they’re a member of one of your social networks--like Facebook--and they change their contact information on Facebook, it’s automatically updated in your Outlook contacts.

Here’s how:

Introduction to the Outlook Social Connector

Video: How to install the Outlook Social Connector

Outlook 2010 is the control center for your life—you don’t have to go anywhere else to keep up with all that you need to track. Contacts, emails, social networks, meetings, who’s doing what—it’s all right there in front of you and all in one place.

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