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If you’re wondering why you’re using the light version of Outlook Web App, how to get back to the standard version of Outlook Web App or to Office, or how to use a different email program on a mobile device or computer, see Outlook Web App Light.

The light version of Outlook Web App has fewer options than the standard version of Outlook Web App. For more information about different options in each version, see Compare the standard and light versions of Outlook Web App. For example, here are some tasks that you can’t do in the light version:

  • Change a message to be other than plain text.

  • Create or manage rules to forward email to another account, or remove forwarding.

  • Connect or disconnect other email accounts.

  • Change your profile information.

  • Preview messages, and control how the preview pane or reading pane is displayed.

  • Control how contact lists are displayed.

You can control features such as language settings and message and calendar options, and perform maintenance tasks such as changing your password or managing your mobile device.

After you change the settings on any Options page, click Save to apply your changes.

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