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Add and use contacts

Organize and keep track of people you know with Outlook contacts, which work like a personal address book.

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Calendar basics

Watch these videos to get familiar with the calendar in Outlook 2013. You can keep things simple, or use Outlook to manage complex meetings and schedules.

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Email basics

Take this course to learn the basics of Outlook email: send, delete, forward, and reply to others, and learn how to stay organized with some straightforward tips.

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Fonts, hyperlinks, and spell check

Change fonts for email messages that you send, forward, or reply to. Add hyperlinks, and adjust settings for the spelling and grammar checkers and AutoCorrect.

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Recall and replace sent messages

You send an email message, and then you start to have second thoughts. In Outlook 2013, you can recall or replace email that you've sent. Or you can resend an email to try to repair the damage. Here's how it works.

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Send automatic replies when you’re out of the office

Set up automatic replies, set a time range, use rules to manage your inbox while you’re out, and create different out-of-office messages for different groups, with or without a Microsoft Exchange account.

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Send and open attachments

You can use attachments to include one or more files on any email you create. Open or save attachments with the program associated with the attachment file type.

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The ins and outs of BCC

If you want to hide the names and addresses of recipients in an email, you can use Bcc, which stands for “blind carbon copy”. Here's how it works.

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Use Instant Search to find Calendar items

Use Instant Search to find things in your Outlook Calendar fast, and learn about scope and more ways to refine your search.

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Use Instant Search to find contacts

Use Instant Search to find people in your personal contact lists fast, and learn about scope and more ways to refine your search.

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Use Instant Search to find messages and text

Use instant search to find email messages containing text that you specify, or that meet criteria such as sender, recipient, or time sent.

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Webinar: Using the Outlook Web App

Outlook Web App (OWA) provides secure access to your email, calendar, contacts, tasks, and Global Address List via the Internet. For Office 365 business customers, it’s a great way to work with other devices like iPads & iPhones.

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Add holidays to your calendar

Add holidays for the country that you want to appear on the Outlook calendar.

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Control spam

Junk emails, also known as spam, are a nuisance in your Inbox. To keep your Inbox cleaner, you can enable the Junk Email Filter, which identifies emails that are likely junk and moves them to your Junk Email folder. To automatically send future emails from a particular email address to the Junk Email folder, add the email address to the Blocked Senders List. Or to prevent future emails from being marked as junk, add the address to the Safe Senders List.

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Create or delete a search folder

Create search folders to find messages across folders, based on their content or some other significant attribute (like who they're from). Or delete search folders.

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Group and view email in your inbox

If you use email a lot, you know how important the message list is. To help you manage your email, Outlook has tools and options you can use to create your ultimate list view. Take this course to learn how to group and view email in your Inbox, show email as conversations, and create a custom view.

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Import and export vCards to Outlook contacts

When someone sends you vCard contacts (virtual business cards that most email programs recognize), here’s how to save them to your Outlook contacts list.

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Make the switch to Outlook 2013

Watch these videos to make the switch to Outlook 2013. Get started with the new version to see how to do everyday tasks.

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Make your job easier with Outlook

Every message you get is another demand on your time. But you can triage the demands as they come in, focus on the important ones, and file or delete the others. Take this course to learn how to use follow-up flags to call out email that you want to deal with later. Or, to take it a step further, you can move a flagged item to a folder, so it’s easier to find. Outlook has tools for making repetitive jobs easier, too. Finally, you’ll learn how to use appointments, meetings and events in Outlook as ways for you to manage your time.

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Reach out with contact groups (distribution lists)

If you often send email to the same group of people, you can save time by using a distribution list, which is called a contact group in Outlook. Instead of typing out everyone’s address whenever you email the group, just type the name of the contact group. Here’s how to create one.

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Send or delete an email stuck in your outbox

Send mail stuck in your Outbox, or delete it. The usual cause for stuck mail is a large attachment. Take this course to learn how to send or delete stuck mail.

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Take calendars to the next level

An appointment doesn’t have to be an appointment; it can be any block of time you need to remember. And a meeting can be any block of time that involves coordinating a group of people. Take this course to learn how to take Outlook calendars to the next level by thinking conceptually about them.

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Templates and stationery

If you send virtually identical emails over and over again, such as status emails, you’ll save time by using an email template. Same with meetings. If you know you’re going to meet a lot, but don’t know exactly when, create a meeting invitation that has the essential information — the people invited, subject, location, some basic text — then save it as a template. And you follow the same process when you want a task or contact template. Finally, we'll show you how stationery gives your email a consistent look with colorful backgrounds, patterns, and designs.

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Track email with read receipts

In Outlook 2013, you can request delivery and read receipts when you send a message. Why? To make sure the recipients get it and open it, if you're not sure about the email address or if the recipients check their email, or maybe you'd just like to know the message got through. Whatever the case, adding a request is easy to do.

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Use voting buttons to create or respond to polls

Voting buttons are a great way to poll people, especially large groups. A Microsoft Exchange Server account is required to send and respond to voting buttons. If you’re not sure whether you have an Exchange server account, see the link What is a Microsoft Exchange Server Account?

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Webinar: Tips for Outlook Search

What’s the best way to search Outlook? Do you just type a word and press Enter? That works pretty well. But in this video we cover how to quickly narrow your search with search tools, how to narrow using search syntax, how to search for attachments, and more.

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Webinar: 5 simple ways to clean up Outlook

In 15 minutes, we’ll show you 5 simple ways to clean up your Outlook inbox and folders so you can read and write email with less clutter.

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Webinar: 8 great timesavers in Outlook

Did you know that you can drag any email into your calendar to make an appointment? Or you can just ignore pesky emails? You will if you watch this Office 15-Minute Webinar.

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Archive or back up your mailbox

You back up your mailbox by exporting it to a file on your computer. And then restore data by importing it from the file back to your mailbox. Outlook has a tool you can use to do this called the Import/Export wizard, and this course shows you how to use it. You’ll also learn how to periodically remove old items from your mailbox by setting up AutoArchive or archiving manually, and how to run the Inbox repair tool if there’s something wrong with a file or you get an error telling you a file is corrupt.

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Create and use Personal Folders (Outlook Data Files)

If you like to use folders for managing your email, then you should know about Personal Folders. Regular folders and Personal Folders work about the same. It’s what goes on behind the scenes that makes them very different. Take this short course to learn more, and you'll also learn about archiving and about importing and exporting email to a different account.

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Password protect your mailbox

With Outlook and Windows, multiple people can protect their email on one shared computer. First, there’s sharing at work and home. In this scenario, people can protect their email with their own password-protected Windows user accounts. The second scenario is sharing a public computer, where the best way to protect your email is by using the Outlook Web App or some other browser-based email app.

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Share or publish your Office 365 Business calendar

If you have Office 365 Business, you can share or publish your calendar so others can view your appointments and meetings.

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Use rules to manage your email

Stay organized in Outlook 2013 by creating rules that automatically act on an arriving or sent message that meets the conditions you specify.

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Webinar: Archiving items in Outlook

You can think of archiving as a way to clean up your Inbox (especially if you’re running into limits) or as a backup. We’ll show you what you need to know about AutoArchiving and Online Archiving in Outlook.

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Check out training courses for the rest of the Office 2013 programs.

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