OneNote and the Writing Process

Creating a writing project from scratch can be a daunting task. How will you store and organize your research? How will you keep track of bibliography items? Do you have a plan for sharing your work so you can get feedback from writing partners or your teacher? Do you have strategies for brainstorming or overcoming writer’s block?

Video: OneNote and the Writing Process

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Microsoft OneNote 2010 is a digital notebook—think of it as a central storage space for your school projects. You can use it to collect research, take notes in class, and organize outlines. Collaborating is simple with built-in sharing features, and it’s easy to find items in your notebooks using OneNote search.

This Writing Process notebook is a starting point for students with a writing assignment to complete. It includes:

  • Strategies for prewriting

  • Graphic organizers and tools

  • Tips for voice and word choice

  • Revising and editing strategies

  • Links to other writing resources

You can use this notebook to store your own work by adding new pages and sections. You can author directly in OneNote, or copy and paste entire documents from Microsoft Word.

As you’re creating your writing project, you can share it with other students in your class (or with your teacher when your project is complete). If you have a writing partner, sharing your notebook is a great way to brainstorm or to get feedback on your work. When someone else changes your content, it’s highlighted so you can quickly see what’s new. To share your notebook, click the File tab, click Share, and then choose how you want to share your notebook (on the Web, on your school’s network, or on your Windows Live OneDrive account).

OneNote can quickly search all of your notebooks, or individual sections and pages. Type a word or phrase in the OneNote search box, and then choose where you want to search (all of your notebooks, a section, or an individual page).

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Download the Writing Process notebook

  1. Download the Writing Process .zip file.

  2. In the dialog box that appears, click Open.

  3. In the Unpack Notebook dialog box, choose the location where you want to save the notebook, and then click Create.

NOTE: The notebook may take several minutes to download, depending on your connection speed.

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Applies To: OneNote 2010

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