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Create and organize Quick Notes (unfiled notes)

Do you ever paste lots of paper sticky notes on your monitor? With OneNote 2013, there’s a better way to stay organized. The next time you’re tempted to grab a sticky note, use a Quick Note instead. Quick notes are mini versions of actual OneNote pages. They’re automatically saved in your notebook, and you can use them to jot down notes as you work.

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Create your first OneNote 2013 notebook

Watch these videos to learn how to use OneNote 2013. Get started with the new version to see how to do everyday tasks.

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Format notes

You quickly created some notes in OneNote 2013, but now you want to make those notes easier to read, both for yourself and for sharing with others. Take this single-video course to learn how to format text in OneNote 2013, including line spacing, fonts, and how to copy formatting with the Format Painter.

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Format pages

You can format OneNote pages to make it easier to take notes, to communicate your message better, or just to be more visually appealing. Add an image and make it the background, change a page's color to create a theme, add page lines, and save the pages as a template.

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Using Tables in OneNote

See some of the new table features in OneNote 2013, including how to add, format and sort a table and how to convert a table to an Excel spreadsheet.

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Webinar: Back to school with OneNote

In this video, we’ll teach students how to get up and running on OneNote. Plus, we’ll show existing OneNote users some little known tips and tricks for taking notes fast.

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Webinar: OneNote for free plus new tools

Before you dive in to our in-depth training, watch this introductory webinar. We’ll show you how OneNote can be your scrapbook for home, work, and school on many devices. Plus we’ll dig into the many new tools and apps that rolled out in March, 2014. By the way, OneNote is a free download, and we'll cover that too.

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Webinar: Onetastic for OneNote

With the free add-in Onetastic, you can add features to your PC desktop version of OneNote. We'll show you how to get it and take it for a spin in this webinar recording.

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