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What is the cloud? (:29)

Simply put, the cloud is the Internet. By connecting with computers in the cloud, you can store your files in the cloud to easily share with others.

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What is OneDrive? (:55)

OneDrive lets you store your personal files in one place, share them with others, and get to them from any device connected to the Internet.

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Sign in or create an account for OneDrive (1:16)

To start using OneDrive, go to, and sign in to your account. If you don’t have a Microsoft account, sign up for free.

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Upload files and folders to OneDrive (1:15)

When you upload files to OneDrive, you can update and share them from anywhere. In OneDrive, use the Upload command. Or, you can drag files from your computer straight to OneDrive.

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OneDrive Basics (1:00)

Get oriented to the OneDrive website, where you’ll see three areas: the navigation pane, the file list, and the toolbar.

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Create files and folders in OneDrive (1:31)

You can create files and folders in OneDrive to help you organize your files. This video shows you how to create Office files directly in OneDrive or from Office apps such as Word.

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Organize your photos and videos (1:32)

OneDrive makes it easy to organize your photos and videos. Watch this video to learn more.

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Delete and restore files in OneDrive (:46)

When you delete a file or folder, OneDrive gives you a chance to undo your decision. But even if you miss that opportunity, you can still get the file back from the Recycle bin.

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Storage and options (:48)

To find your general preference settings, click Settings > Options. You probably won’t change the settings in here very often, but it’s nice to know where they are.

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Share files and folders in OneDrive (2:18)

With your files in OneDrive, you can share them with others, control who can view or edit them, and work together at the same time.

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Stop sharing or change permissions (1:33)

Whenever you want, you can stop sharing OneDrive files or change the permissions for files you've already shared.

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OneDrive and Office Online (:45)

With Office Online you can do everything online. Work with email, write a document, create a spreadsheet, edit a PowerPoint presentation, and save to OneDrive.

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What is the OneDrive desktop app? (1:10)

There’s another way to access your OneDrive files called the OneDrive app. You might like it more than the browser because it can be faster and easier to use.

Note: The app shown in this video is the OneDrive desktop app for Windows 8.1. The general concepts are the same, but things look different now.

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Upload and download files in the OneDrive app (1:25)

The OneDrive app looks and works like other apps on your device. Watch this quick video for some specifics.

Note: The app shown in this video is the OneDrive desktop app for Windows 8.1. The general concepts are the same, but things look different now.

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