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Welcome to Microsoft Office Online.

Note: Office Online was formerly known as Office Web Apps.

In SharePoint 2010 on-premises, it’s still known by its former name.

Please refer to the provided End-User License Agreement for license information.

The following list contains important facts about Office Online.

What products have issues?

Office Online, Office Web Apps

Excel Online

Project Web App

Visio Web App

Office Online, Office Web Apps

Unable to open Office files in Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8

When you click Open when downloading Office files in Windows Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8, the download might not work correctly. You might see an error message or the file won’t have the expected data.

Workaround    Click Save instead of Open when you are trying to open Office files in Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8.

Creating a new Office Web Apps Server farm fails on some localized versions of Windows Server 2008 R2

After running the New-OfficeWebAppsFarm Windows PowerShell command on a non-English version of Windows Server 2008 R2, the farm won’t be created, and you see the following error message.

Service cannot be started. System.Security.Principal.IdentityNotMappedException: Some or all identity references could not be translated.

Workaround    Use an English language version of Windows Server 2008 R2 to create the Office Web Apps farm.

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Excel Online

Issues with viewing files in right-to-left languages in Chrome and Safari browsers

When you view a workbook in a right-to-left language using Chrome or Safari, the cell selection isn't properly aligned and headers might not appear.

Workaround    No workaround is available. Until this issue is fixed, we recommend you open your workbook in Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Workbook contains external data connections or BI features that aren’t supported

If you opened a workbook session in Excel Online, and the session timed out, you might see an error that says: "This workbook contains external data connections or BI features that are not supported.”

Workaround    Refresh the browser window.

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Project Web App

The VBA method SynchronizeWithSiteEx is not functional

The new Visual Basic for Applications method, SynchronizeWithSiteEx, is not functional for Office 2013 or for Office 365.

Workaround    Instead, use the VBA method SynchronizeWithSite.

Project Details Page is read only

The Project Details page for a connected SharePoint Task List Project to Project Web App is read only until the project is completely brought into Project Web App.

Workaround    Complete the process of adding a SharePoint Task List Project by opening the project in the Project desktop program and saving the project to Project Web App.

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Visio Web App

Can't select shapes in web part using Chrome browser

When a web part is viewed using the Chrome browser, you can't select the shape.

Workaround    No workaround is available for the Chrome browser. But you can use other browsers.

PowerPoint Mobile Viewer

Slide not fit screen when turn an Android 4.0 phone to horizontal

If you use Android 4.0 and turn the phone to horizontal, the slide doesn’t fit on the screen.

Workaround    Tap the Refresh button in your browser to make the slide fit the screen.

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