New Fields - Job dialog box: options and information

Available in Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2009 only.

In the New Fields - Job dialog box, you can add new fields to modify the Job form and transactions related to the Job form. Modifying a form helps you identify and track unique aspects of each job that are important to your particular business. After you have created a user-defined field, the field appears on the User-Defined Field tab and in the Available fields box in the Modify Layout dialog box for Job records and related documents.

Open the dialog box

To open the New - Job dialog box, click New Fields on the User-Defined Fields tab on a Job form.

Dialog box options

The dialog box contains the following options.




Select a Field Type check box for a new user-defined field that you want to create. To remove a user-defined field from a form, clear the check box.

Field Type

Select a field type:

  • Text  A rectangular box in which you can type text, numbers or symbols.

  • Multi-product line Text  A field where you can type text information that extends for more than one product line, for example, specific information about the job’s milestones and the related details.

  • Date  A box containing a drop-down calendar.

  • Number  A rectangular box in which you can type numbers.

  • Check box  A square box that is selected or cleared to turn on or off an option. More than one check box can be selected.

Field Name

After you select a field type, type a name to describe this field.

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