My deleted clips keep coming back

If you delete a clip from Clip Organizer by using the Delete from "Collection" or Delete from Clip Organizer command, the clip is deleted only from the Clip Organizer database, not from your hard disk (or other location). Your collection may have properties set that tell it to automatically add files from specific directories on your disks. Then, when you browse a collection that is set to scan this folder, a clip you had deleted might be added to the gallery again. To avoid this, try one or more of the following:

  • If you don't want the clip, delete it from your disk by using Microsoft Windows Explorer.

  • If you want to keep the clip in its same location on your disk but do not want to see the clip added to a specific collection, set the Collection Properties for that collection to exclude this folder. To do this, in the collection list, right-click the collection, and then click Collection Properties. Verify that the folder where the clip is located is in the folder list. If you want to remove the folder permanently from the properties for the collection, select the folder and press the Delete key. If you want to temporarily suspend the collection from adding new clips from this folder and other folders that may also be in the folder list, select the Don't add files or folders for this collection option.

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