Move or rename a folder

After you create a folder or subfolder in the navigation pane, you can change the folder's name or move it to a different location in the folder list.

Important: You cannot move or rename default folders such as Inbox, Deleted Items, or Calendar.

Do any of the following:

Rename a folder

  1. Hold down CONTROL , click the folder, and then click Rename Folder.

  2. Type a new folder name, and then press RETURN .

    Note: After you rename a folder, Outlook updates the folder name in any rules that you have already created.

Move a folder

  • Click the folder that you want to move, and then drag it to a new location in the navigation pane.


    • When you drag a folder from one e-mail account to another, Outlook copies the folder to the other account, leaving the original folder in place.

    • After you move a folder within an e-mail account, Outlook updates the folder location in any rules that you have already created.

    • To create a new folder in the folder list, hold down CONTROL , and then click an existing folder in the folder list, and then click New Folder.

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