Move an object forward or backward

You can change the stack's layer order — also known as the z-order — of objects in your publication so that objects can appear on top of other objects.

The object is one of the following:

  • An AutoShape

  • A table

  • A text box

  • Clip art or a picture

  • Select the object that you want to move.

    If the object is hidden, select any object, and then press the TAB key or SHIFT+TAB repeatedly until the object that you want is selected.

    To select more than one object at a time, hold down CTRL while you click the objects that you want to select, and then release CTRL.

  • On the Arrange menu, point to Order, and then do one of the following:

    • To bring an object to the front of the stack, click Bring to Front.

    • To send an object to the back of the stack, click Send to Back.

    • To bring an object one step closer to the front, click Bring Forward.

    • To send an object one step toward the back, click Send Backward.


  • To display an inserted picture as a background behind text, right-click the text box, click Format Text Box on the shortcut menu, click the Layout tab, and then click None or Through under Wrapping Style.

  • To make an object in a stack transparent, click the object to select it (for a table, select the entire table), and then press CTRL+T. To make a transparent object opaque with a white fill, select it, and then press CTRL+T.

  • To place the same image behind all objects on each page of your publication, insert the image on a master page, and then convert the picture to a watermark. For more information about working with master pages or creating watermarks, click the link in the See Also section.

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