Move an image in a template

You may find that when you click an image in this template and try to move it, the image won't move. This is because the image is placed within a text box. To move the image, you need to move the text box, and to move the text box, you must first select it.

To move an image in a template

  1. Click the image you want to move.

  2. Press HOME to make the border of the text box visible.

  3. Click the border of the text box, and then drag the text box to its new location.

Note:  If you only want to nudge the text box in small increments once it's selected, press the arrow keys. To nudge in even smaller increments, zoom in on the document by clicking the arrow next to the Zoom box Button image on the Formattingtoolbar, clicking the zoom setting you want, and then pressing the arrow keys.

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