More about SharePoint Online document libraries

Search data contained in Excel workbooks that are stored in a SharePoint Online (SPO) document library from Power Query. It is easy and consistent to use Power Query to discover data within Excel files on SPO.

Simple process to create an SPO document library data source

  1. Your IT Admin registers the SharePoint Online document library data source in IT Admin Portal.

  2. Grant enterprise users access to search data source in Power Query Online Search.

  3. A Power Query user can access Excel data through enter any keywords in Power Query Online Search.

For more information about how to create an SPO data source, see To create a SharePoint Online Document Library data source.

A SharePoint Online document library is a common data source for storing Excel data files, especially files that contain sheets with tabular data. Instead of hunting around for files in different locations, such as personal computers, network disks, and email folders, your team can save Excel files in a SharePoint document library where everyone can find them. For more information about SharePoint Online document libraries, see Introduction to libraries on

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