Monitor communication between a linked drawing and database

Automatically distribute shapes on the page

Arranges the shapes in rows and columns on the page. One shape represents one database record.

Clear the check box if the database table includes fields you've linked to the PinX and PinY cells in the Shape Transform section of the ShapeSheet spreadsheet. These shapes will be dropped at the PinX and PinY locations.

Automatically scale the drawing page

Select to have the wizard set the page size to exactly accommodate the shapes it distributes. If you don't select this option, shapes may be placed outside page boundaries. Available only when the Automatically distribute shapes on the page option is checked.

Launch the Drawing Monitor on document open

Select to start the wizard's Drawing Monitor each time you open the linked drawing you are creating. The Drawing Monitor makes it easy to distribute shapes, scale pages, synchronize the drawing and database, and delete a shape along with the record it's linked to. When the Drawing Monitor is open, changes you make to shapes in the drawing are reflected in database records.

Add "Launch Monitor" right mouse action to the page

Adds a Launch Monitor command to the page shortcut menu.

Access the Database table in read-write mode

Clear this check box to prevent changes made to the shapes from affecting the database.

Automatically refresh page based on global setting

Select to refresh shapes at an interval you set in the Database Settings dialog box.

To set the refresh interval, on the Tools menu, point to Add-Ons, point to Visio Extras, and then click Database Settings.

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