Migration Assessment Scan: Customized Pages

Learn how to mitigate issues with Customized Pages during migration.


Customized files are out of the box SharePoint files that have been modified by a user. A common example is using a tool like SharePoint Designer to open a site and modify the default.aspx file of a site. During migration, these pages will be reverted to their uncustomized state.

Any file modified by the SharePoint System Account is excluded from the scan report.

For more information on customized files and how to reset a file back to the default, read the following article:

Data Migration

Customized files are reverted to their uncustomized state during migration.

Important: Any site that is configured as “No Access” (locked), in SharePoint will be skipped. To see a list of locked site collections see the Locked Sites scan output.

Preparing for Migration

Notify the site collection owners of sites that contain customized pages that they will need to reapply any customizations made to impacted files post migration. Page owners should look for out of the box behavior to replace customization where possible.

Post Migration

Site owners will need to reapply any customizations post migration.

Scan Result Reports

The following table describes the columns in the CustomizedFiles.csv report.

This scan report provides a list of all the customized files and who last modified them.




Site URL that contians the customized file


Site collection owner.


File that was customized.


User that modified the file

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